5 Best Vocal Remover Software

My boss sent me on a search for curating the best instrumentals. We were working on a digital marketing project and needed a non-lyrical background to dance around but not bother our narration. I found a lot of useful information about the five best vocal removers online. We’ll review vocal separation services and touch on some prices, too.

Our Picks 

1. EasySplitter

Easy Splitter supports the most popular audio formats that you’d need to convert. It also has that nifty YouTube link we talked about earlier.

If you want to get the best service that remove vocals online at the most reasonable price, your choice is EasySplitter. It allows you to choose from 2 main pricing plan types “Pro” and “Light”. The “Light” version allows cutomers to split Vocals and Instrumental, on the other hand the “PRO” plan gives you an opportunity to separate the song to 4 main stems: “Vocal”, “Instrumental”, “Bass” and “Additional.”

Easysplitter is the best choice for professionals and ordinary users that are searching for the best-performing vocal isolation software.

2. Audio Alter

Audio Alter was clean, easy to understand, but there’s was a bit too much available. I didn’t need all of the audio adjustments they offered, but still cool that they had so many options. Upload any .mp3 file, .wav, .FLAC, or.OGG, and you’re set!

3. Vocal Remover

Vocal Remover was at first a cool option, but I didn’t like the watery sounds leftover after the vocal was split. This might be okay for people looking for sing-alongs, but I needed a pretty clear vocal isolation for my project.

4. Vocal Remover Pro

I always like a business that’s been doing their thing for quite some time. With twelve years in business, I feel like the kinks have been worked out with Vocal Remover Pro. They’re also keeping up with current trends by including a YouTube link. 

5. Phonic Mind

Phonic Mind employs a trained AI to separate vocals from music online. I found Phonic Mind to be an easy and fast option, you just have to upload and you’re good to go! Some people report it being hit or miss, but I had no issues!

Buying Guide

So if you don’t have a lot of audio files stored, an instrumental maker like Easy Splitter or Vocal Remover Pro would be an option for you. If you need a bit more from the converter, I’d recommend Audio Alter so you have a bit more to play around with.

The Best Online Vocal Remover App – Verdict

Do all-vocal removers work the same? Actually, they do not! Some use AI or machine learning while others utilize vocal isolation software. Each have their benefits and downfalls, as with anything in life. You just have to pick and choose which methods work best for you!

So I found that when you review the best online vocal remover app, not the same thing works for everyone. For me and my project, I needed something that stripped vocals more than leaving some background hums. All in all, there are some really good options available online no matter what you need. You just have to be willing to look through all of the options.